An Art Publish Red Wine Present


If you require a gift for a red wine loving close friend, you might wish to think about something various from the bottle of white wine that you usually provide. Any individual that is understood to be a white wine enthusiast is bound to obtain a number of containers of wine on any type of gift giving celebration. We understand they most likely have more a glass of wine glasses as well as corkscrews than the regional outlet store, too. So what could you consider that will make your present attract attention from the group? I suggest a great piece of wine art by Ann Rea for a refreshing modification of pace.

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Ann Rea is a San Francisco-based artist who concentrates on the beautiful landscapes of California’s impressive wine nation. Numerous a glass of wine makers in The golden state have commissioned Ann to create special landscapes particularly for their wineries. Commonly these paintings become logo designs or even red wine tags that aid promote particular brands. She has actually created these vineyard pictures for a few of the bigger vineyards such as R.H. Phillips, Wente, Gloria Ferrer, Gallo and also Markham in addition to small, lower known vineyards.

The white wine manufacturer begins the process by offering Ann scenic tours of their wineries. They describe to her every variable that makes their red wines unique including soil problems and also environment. Once Ann feels she recognizes what enters into the a glass of wine, she then establishes her easel literally in among the creeping plants. She after that uses her oils to catch on canvas the essence of each winery. In some cases she will certainly paint several images over the seasons to reveal the varying shades from period to season.

This ingenious pairing of fine art and white wine is unique to the wineries and to red wine enthusiasts. The vineyards benefit from enhanced brand name awareness in the general public in addition to sales of art prints. The white wine lover gets a masterpiece that gives a lasting memory of a fine red wine or vineyard. For any individual that has actually gotten on a white wine trip, winery art prints are a terrific method to savor the memories for several years.

Ann Rea has a growing credibility not simply among white wine fanatics but additionally in the art world. She has actually gained a track record in the art world by her signature use of shade along with her remarkable capacity to record the speedy adjustments of light in the wineries. Her paints are in the design of French Impressionism and every one reveals an unique spot in the particular winery. People often buy numerous of her prints that portray details vineyards in each period so they can have a collection.

If you are just driven to get that container of wine for your friend, why not choose one that pairs with an Ann Rea art print? A scrumptious container of Gallo white wine would be a great base to your wine present. Do a search online to locate a Gallo winery print from Ann Rea. Once it arrives, position the print in an attractive frame to supply the gewurztraminer and voila!and there you have it. The ideal set for an impressive as well as special a glass of wine present!

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